My 5 Points of Clarity

There is clarity in me today.

  1. I will become a stay at home mom. #homemaker That is exactly what I will be – a woman making our home the best it can be for my growing girls and my hardworking husband. I will replace my income with that of savings from me doing the job of price shopping, budgeting, etc. That will result in me closing the portrait side of AMP. I will however begin projects for different philanthropies, ministries and organizations.  A goal of mine is to one day create a charity. So this is a step.  I am blessed beyond words. My heart and soul know this – just wish my brain would. Helping people makes me feel good. I want to share my blessings and gift of photography with others. I know when I was helping others and leading was always one of my happier places. I have become so introverted in the past years and my mental state has suffered. I already have many projects on paper and hope to start putting them to capturing soon.
  2. Do extensive self discovery through reading, church, therapy and other alternative ways to discover who I have been hiding.
  3. People need people to live life to it’s fullest. We all need a tribe. What I’m doing is just surviving life. I want to do more than survive. I want to LIVE! With that I need people around me to experience every facet of this beautiful world we live in and the gifts of my life. I will become involved in my new spiritual church, Unity of Nashville, as well as my daughter’s school. I want to see the world in color and surround myself with it. I have lived in the grey for way too long. The world out there is the world in my soul.
  4. Create. I need time to reconnect with my creativity. To explore it. To love it. To embrace it. To find it.  I will spend a minimum of  two years working for me and truly capturing the art in life. This will be for personal reasons and not money. At the end of two years I will show my art or sell at a festival or art sale.
  5. God is speaking to me and I am listening.