Wisdom from the Edge

Today is the day of cynicism. My favorite kind of humor. The humor that offends people or makes them laugh or just confuses the hell out of them. Not sure which phase of this isolation I am in but according to my therapist I need to write and create and use those gifts as an outlet of release otherwise….based on my therapist and some friend’s advice here’s my wisdom before I loose it.

Ten Things I’ve Learned So Far

  1. There is no award or gold stars or high fives for being being super quarantine mom. Thanks Carrie for enlightening me on this one.
  2. If you can’t remember when you showered then it’s time to shower. That’s our home motto.
  3. Do not judge me for not showering. Why? The only people that see me are my husband and kids and pretty sure they aren’t showering daily. So really what is the purpose. Also when I shower I think it’s a signal to my husband I want to get it on that night.
  4. Homeschool moms have given us permission to only have our kids in school for three hours. I read it on Facebook. Practice it. Plus it seems I need an hour to myself to shower.
  5. Expert moms according to mom blogs and FB , which usually just make me feel like an inadequate parent, say let your kids have lots of screen time. I’ll take ya up on that one expert mom.
  6. Tiger King is a blessing of humor – thank you Universe.
  7. Stop telling those of us who go out into the world that we are selfish and killing everyone. My kids need to eat and my sanity is very important to me – for good reason if you’ve read this blog. I enjoy my walks at the park with a friend and my sanity needs those. Enough. I understand the risks. Please remember you have no idea the battle another is fighting. I’m not out partying at the bar but instead doing what is necessary for my sanity. PSA: I do use hand sanitizer, wet-wipes constantly and keep my distance when out.)
  8. Before you share it on social media check the facts. No one on either side of the aisle is completely right on this one and writers are paid for exciting headlines – read before you share.
  9. Create something! Start or pick back up a hobby. It will be a great release for what is inside. I have a professional opinion on this one – my therapist Allison. This is your adult homework.
  10. If you want to be socially shamed then stop by my house. I will set chairs six feet apart and we can chat around the fire pit. Just please park your car two houses down so people think it’s the neighbors being social. (Just kidding Mr.Lee)

We’re in this together. Be kind and understanding. Give your kids and yourself a break.

Enjoy my wisdom from the edge.