The Power of a Post-It

If you have watched Grey’s Anatomy then you know the power of a post-it. A 3×3 inch square. Powerful. A reminder to us of appointments, thoughts, names, ideas…productivity. Post-it’s get things done.

So how are you going to make a post-it powerful for you now that you are at home ALL of the time?

I love this one. Get a pack of post-its. Now on each post-it write something different about yourself. Only positives. ONLY POSITIVES I said. I’ll give you some suggestions. 

  1. I have beautiful brown eyes that speak to the world. 
  2. I make people laugh. 
  3. I am kind.
  4. I am creative and that is my gift to the world. 
  5. I love you. (Put this one one on your mirror and look at yourself when you say it. )
  6. Pull in your r friends and family and ask them positives about you. Have them write them on the post-it!

Got the idea? Think about your talents, ways people compliment you, how you feel about yourself if you were given yourself permission to brag. 

By seeing these daily and reading them to yourself or out loud you are giving your own self little doses of self — love which we are going to learn is self-care. Right now more than ever I think we needed to be reminded of our greatness. Some of us are burning out, no longer dolling ourselves up with hair and makeup, haven’t left our PJ’s in weeks, forgot what day it is….We are women and more powerful than a post-it! Put us together and Boom!

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Happy posting!