Mother Earth

Sometimes I miss the voices
Because they made me feel not alone
When the reality of people
Was too much to take on.

I will lie here in the dirt
And feel Mother Earth’s embrace
I will one day stand
For now though I will lay


Going through all of my journals for my memoir I’ve been stumbling on some of my writings that show my loneliness from years ago but I always had Mother Earth. I still find peace and calm in her presence. I remember lying on the ground many times just feeling her cool touch to soothe me while clouds floated above ever changing like my emotions at the time.

As much as I’m beyond over social distancing it does make my heart smile that so many have been given the opportunity to reconnect with Mother Earth and she in turn has been given time to heal. She will heal us if we just give her the chance.

This piece also reminds me of how back then I would have probably welcome self isolation because I do remember it being impossible to leave my home at times. Isn’t it ironic that now that I’ve been given the chance to self isolate away from the world I don’t want it? I spent too many years hiding behind the walls of my home.

Also this is why journaling and documenting your life is so important. One day you can look back and realize how far you have come and that you are a true badass!