A Love Poem To Myself

I stumbled on this in a journal the other day and since finding it I’ve read it over and over again. It reminds me of all the beauty in my life that honestly I sometimes overlook or refuse to see. We have so many little blessings around us but are often to busy to even notice them and breathe them in. Today I am taking a “personal” day for self care and reflection as it’s the girls first full day back at school and my soul and body needs to restore. Thank you to the universe for bringing this poem back into my life today.

Take a minute to write down what your blessings are. Just one minute. Write them by hand on a piece of paper and read them over and over again. Keep that piece of paper near for a few days. I promise it will make you smile and lift you higher today and those days after.


I love sunsets in a fields of overgrown flowers where reds, oranges, yellows, blues and purple meet the sky like watercolor on paper. 

I love to watch the flicker of fireflies and the joy in my daughters eyes as they hold on for a moment in time. 

I love singing in the shower while no one listens. I love singing in the car with the windows down while the world listens. 

I love kisses that last just a few seconds longer than a obligatory kiss and in that moment I feel passion that only comes from spontaneity and love. 

I love relaxed conversations about dreams and love and passions and all that fills our souls. 

I love to dream with the one I love where we discover the twists and turns of a dream yet to come.

I love when I realize that dream has come to fruition.

I love to watch the girls run and play as if no one is watching and in those moments I can hear secrets being exchanged and a bond being created that is unique to them. 

I love the sight of dirt under my nails and scratches on my knees reminding me that I have created nourishment for my family and an escape for all those that visit. 

I love the early morning walks where the sweet smell of new day dances on a chorus sang by a choir of birds. 

I love slow strolls through the trees on winding paths that only can be discovered by taking risk on an unabashed adventure. 

I love the feel of another’s hand in mine because without knowing we are exchanging energy that at that time each of us need. 

I love the moments where music moves my soul to tears for in those moments I am one with God and his arms are wrapped around me. 

I love the vibrance of colors of days when depression has left and light has returned to my heart and soul. 

I love the sound of my fingers clicking the keyboard reminding me that my journey has purpose and one day I will give hope to all that read the words these keys created. 

I love the sound of I love you as it rolls off the lips of my love. 

I love getting lost in the stars as my back presses against the cold bed of grass reminding me that this world is more than just what we see walking forward. 

I love driving with the windows rolled down and my hair flowing wildly as the wind passes through. 

I love the feel of the water under my kayak carrying me calmly while I listen to the sound of change ahead knowing that after this obstacle there will be quiet again. 

I love laying my eyes on a new destination and new experience with the feel of freedom under my feet and in my soul. 

I love sitting in the sun feeling it’s healing powers wrap around me.

I love feeling the water on my toes as I get lost in the words of a water stained book. 

I love the smell after a summer rain and want more than anything to be a child and jump in the puddles. 

I love the peace I feel inside when I visualize the ribbon of gold pulling through my spine to the heavens. 

I love knowing that each day I am working to evolve and change to become my best self. 

I love hearing the words ‘I love you’ out of the blue from the love of my life. 

I love the yearning that comes with being away from those that fill your soul but knowing you will share your journey soon. 

I love reminiscing about a life I no longer live because it reminds me how far I’ve come and that my journey will always be continual. 

I love snuggling to watch a movie with my baby girls and being their squishy pillow to lay on. 

I love the words of Dave Matthews because in his words I find healing and understanding for the pain that haunts my heart and soul. 

I love the music of Pink Floyd for in their soothing sound there is a place I can escape the pain that lives within me.

I love the powerful feeling I feel after leaving the gym and knowing I have worked my body to it’s limits and filled my mind with words of encouragement, hope and love. 

I love God and Buddha and Krishna and Jesus and Marianne Williamson and all those before me who have walked the walked and shared their journey for those of us on our own journey. 

I love opening my home to those that fill my soul and giving friends a place to fill their souls. 

I love good conversations where both people walk away with a lighter load to bear and a fuller heart to share. 

I love the hug of a friend and even more the hug I find in me to give. 

I love time alone to journal, sketch and release the thoughts that live inside me because in that I heal and help heal others. 

I love learning and gaining knowledge of every aspect of life. 

I love conversations that make me think and opens me up to new ideas and beliefs. 

I am in love with my life and all that it gives to me and the world.