Make A Miracle

“Miracles happen everyday, change your perception of what a miracle is and you’ll see them all around you.”

-Jon Bon Jovi

Sometimes one realizes they need a change to take the next step in their transformation. Sometimes we don’t really know what that is but with faith divine interventions can happen. This is when miracles happen.

Last year my husband and I planned a weekend away – sort of impromptu.  We had the babysitter planned for over a month – that’s what you do when you have a 4 and 6 year old. So early Friday morning I woke up with a mission – book a trip away because this momma needed a break and to be honest our marriage needed a break from the demands of life. Thank goodness for the Internet. In twenty minutes I decided we were going to Cancun (skip Colorado – we are heading to sun and sand). After a mad dash to get everyone to school and us packed as well, we booked our hotel while on the interstate making our way to the airport. Somehow we made it on time with only a few minutes to spare. At our layover our babysitter shared she couldn’t stay on the last night so sitting on the tarmac I was hastily sending texts and emails to everyone who could possibly watch the girls. Landing in Mexico our phones and credit cards wouldn’t work so somehow we made it to the hotel and an old babysitter was excited to watch the girls that last night.

This was a miracle. A total shift in my thinking and doing. That is what a miracle is – a shift in thinking. Each of us are capable of miracles each day – or at least I believe that. No miracle is small or big – they are all miracles.

Old me would have never left the country without definite plans but inside I knew this was time for me to go and participate in a new moment of healing. Old me would have hopped on a plane back to Nashville once I found out my babysitter couldn’t stay. Old me would have immediately thought I could not depend on others – some can look at it as careless – however my husband encouraged me to have faith while he was dragging me on the plane.  You have friends that love you and will help you and they did.  After the drama of getting there we arrived at paradise. This trip helped me overcome many fears. Fear of uncertainty. Fear of the unknown. Fear of others.

There’s even a bonus to this trip. While there we met a couple from our city. What were the odds? Her coming up and introducing herself to Jarred and I set in motion a series of events that shifted the course of my life. The day before I had wanted to be a part of the pool volleyball match below our deck but was too inhibited. There was a pool of women – beautiful women. I was not confident enough. However I put the energy out in the world that I wanted to be down there and the next day we met Kelly and Mark who were in that crowd. They took us under their wings and supported us that day while we threw caution to the wind – we haven’t thrown caution to the wind since our honeymoon.

I now have a new friendship with an amazing woman and my husband has a Bromance. I have since returned again to renew my soul and will be again in April (a year from the first trip). I have discovered a place where I can find parts of me that get lost here in everyday life.

I can’t say enough to a couple to just take the plunge. Open your mind, open you heart and open yourself up to new possibilities. Test you soul, test your strength, test your heart and test your fears!