Line in the Dirt


Being diagnosed Bipolar II will bring a blow to you. At first comes denial. It’s impossible for you. You have such a strong mind. It will make you cry. It will make you feel.

It’s a line in your life…Drawn straight between before and after the diagnosis. It’s a very deep line. My life will never be the same but is that a bad thing?



I’m a very different person than the girl that typed those words only a few months ago. Could it be a week of baseline mood or all the therapies and medicinal treatments are working? Today I feel a bit of clarity which is a hard one for me to come by these days. I feel light and accomplished eventhough I haven’t opened my studio software all day. I have wrapped my two girls in love, had a bike ride with a fearless 4 year old, found marquee letters for $2 each at Target (Christmas gifts check) and went to my new holistic doctor. So I’ve done a lot in a car in the heat with nausea at the back of my stomach all day. Yet I type I feel clarity. Something good is working in me.

bipolar disorder, line in the dirt, macro photography