What is it about this  love | hate relationship with laundry?

I despise laundry (to the point I often pay someone to do it for me) but there is something about it that makes your subconscious love it. I have a loud mind. It screams often and I want to just escape it. My conscious mind hates that I can escape it but my subconscious mind – where my peace lies – embraces it. I’m mindful of my entire time. I don’t think of what’s next but always focused on where to sort the pile of clothes and folding  then organizing layer by layer. My mind is always active in each movement. Does my conscious get to run free with high energy thinking? No. It’s calmed, wooed and rocked to sleep for a brief period of the day.

Think about doing laundry. Don’t you always feel better once it’s finished? Aren’t you a more put together person because of a freshly laundered and wrinkle free closet? Doesn’t the smell of laundry make you relax? 

Doing laundry today I was overwhelmed with a new peace. A peace I felt yesterday at a new church I’m trying out. Maybe Peace is in Mindfullness? Maybe God is in mindfulness? Maybe Peace is in God?



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