Just Say No

Here’s this week’s Love U Project. It’s simple and quick. Just say no! No. Nada. No. My apologies if this seems negative but it’s for your self-care. If the plane is going down you put your oxygen mask on first. If you fall apart the rest starts to fall apart.

Your kids are stir crazy. You are stir crazy. Your kids need you to be their camp counselor, personal chef and head of entertainment. They are sooooooo bored. You are sooooooo exhausted.

Say No when they need you to do something and you are just not feeling it. “I appreciate you asking but right now no.” Don’t promise them later. Explain that momma needs a time out or day off. Explain to them that they get time off from school (job) and with this being your job you get time off. Place boundaries. They will understand.

Practice it now.

No. No. No. No. No. No.

Oh and don’t feel guilty because they may be bored. Go old school and offer the following:
1. send them to Mother Nature
2. give them a book
3. introduce them to a new band or music genre
4. Hand them pencil and paper to write about how bored they are
5. Offer them the adventurous task of cleaning the house.

Not an old school kinda girl – just hand them the iPad with no limits on time. Done.

Remember: JUST SAY NO.