To the Friend Who Holds My Hand and Never Let’s Go

To the friend who holds my hand and never lets go. I know loving a person with a mental illness is probably one of the most difficult things a person can do but you do it with grace and beauty. I don’t know how many times you have watched me cry and beg the universe for mercy. Your words have quieted the tears. Your embrace has wrapped me in hope. You have shown me how to find forgiveness for myself. Although I often loose faith you show me what faith can do. I have harnessed your strength to use for my own and you have willingly given it to me.

To the friend that holds my hand and never lets go. I know it can not be easy to stand in front of a broken heart unable to know how to put it back together. All the kings men have tried. You are the one the burdened has been placed upon and that is an unfair thing to ask. I know you have the inability to walk away from a lost soul and not feel that you have a responsibility to help. It is part of the fabric of you. On top of my battles you have your own battles. There is pain that runs as deep if not deeper than my own yet you stand there in front of me and give me your wisdom in hopes of healing the brokenness of my spirit.

To the friend that holds my hand and never lets go. You always answer my call because you know it’s your voice I would rather hear than the voices that live in my head. You make time for me when you can’t even make time for your ownself. You make me feel like you really do want to hear what I have to say in a world when everyone is so consumed with their ownselves. I can only hope to be all this and more for you when you need it.

Thank you for being you and I thank the world every day for giving your friendship and love to me. You are an angel and a miracle. I love you.