The Love U Project | Girls Night

“The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.”

-Hubert H. Humphrey

| Week 7 |

Friendships are essential to our happiness. We learn and discover in them. They become the fabric of our lives. They lift us when we are down and show pride for us in our accomplishments. We do the same for them. They wrap us in love. The surround us in laughs. New friendships and old help fill our buckets.

Last week I went to a girls night out. I was nervous but so excited. It had been months since I had a put make up and a fun little dress on (outside of date night). However I was the +1 of one of the six girls. Did you remember I suffer from anxiety? I almost backed out to be honest. Guess what though. It was an amazing night of hiking through the Gulch in heels (feet hurt the next day but worth it) , trying out a new restaurant (Mockingbird), sharing new stories (that’s what happens when you meet someone new) and filling my bucket. I even made a new friend! If I hadn’t said Yes I wouldn’t have had the soul filling experience that I needed after a very emotional week.

As we get older we find ourselves too busy for girls nights. What little time we feel is left for us we spend doing things that just don’t fill our soul like laughs and stories with girlfriends will.

Your challenge this week is plan a girls night.

1. Explore your city. Make reservations at a hip restaurant with a show or exploring afterwards.

2. Escape Room or something similar where you must work together to escape or solve a mystery

3. A Wine Bar – yet to meet a woman who didn’t like one (I even like them although I’m not really a wine drinker)

4. Art Crawl – cities around the country have art crawls which can be super fun with a group of girls exploring a city looking at beautiful and unique art

5. Bowling

6. No Cost Girls Night at Home – invite your girlfriends over for wine, apps and a whole lot of laughs.

I would love to see pics or hear stories about your girls night. Have fun!! Lots and lots of fun!