Finding Purpose

I asked myself many times over: Why did my dad die so young when his greatest loves were only babies? He never got to know them. That’s not fair. 

It took me three years to begin to somewhat grasp and understand the reasons behind my father’s early departure. Although now he is not with me in person, he is now with me everyday. I think of him more now than ever before. I have found strength in his memory through this past year. He has always watched over me and his memory has helped me fight.  I don’t think I would have went down this road if he hadn’t passed to the next life so early. I now understand that although our physical bodies may fail us,  spirit will not.  My father had to move on to allow me to see life’s real purpose and truly appreciate the time I have been given.

Fight | 2016 © | amanda mcneal

What is my real purpose – to raise resilient and strong women. What is my real purpose – to help others understand the journey they are on and embrace it. What is my real purpose – to give to others what they need with what I have.

At times I feel there are angels working through me when helping my husband now sort through where he wants his life to be. However I believe my father’s death put my into a chain of events that helped me discover the person I am today and that is the person I was meant to be – the real me – the authentic me.

Since time has passed since I originally wrote this so many people and events have reaffirmed my purpose. Prayer, patience and persistence – those have led me to my purpose and I’m blessed to be one of those people that know their purpose.

Do you know your purpose? When you wake up every day do you feel fulfilled knowing you are using your life for what it was intended for? I know it’s a hard road at times to discover your purpose but to live life not knowing it is to not live life fully. Take time for you and find your purpose. We are all destined for greatness.

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