Fear: Part II

“Do something everyday that scares you.” Okay so I can’t remember where I read this but I didn’t come up with this idea. No credit to my brilliance:-) It is hard overcoming fears and putting yourself out there – raw and open. All masks down. All beautiful facets of yourself exposed. Guess what though? Once […]


This is not a dark post but a happy post – What? I have wanted to break free of my life for so long but those chains are often hard to break. Micheal Miridad calls this a Spiritual Transformation of the Soul in You’re Not Going Crazy, Just Waking Up.  I had to cross over […]

The Best Room

“My “best” room, however, my withdrawing room, always ready for company, on whose carpet the sun rarely fell, was the pine wood behind my house. Thither in summer days, when distinguished guests came, I took them, and a priceless domestic swept the floor and dusted the furniture and kept the things in order.” -Henry David […]