The Love U Project | The Bucket List

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did.”

~ Mark Twain

|Week 9|

We should all have a bucket list. I didn’t make one until last year at the suggestion of my husband. I had read lists that went into the 100’s and knowing me that was a bit daunting. Daunting to me can often times mean failure in the end. Baby steps I say. Guess what though – when you start opening up your eyes and research Bucket Lists you become inspired to live life a bit more fully and that list expands. The dauntingness goes away when you realize this is a lifetime journey and not one to make in a year.

Why did I finally create a bucket list?

2016 and 2017 were rough. Really rough. At the end of 2017 I realized I could not and would not continue to live my life that way – lost, wandering aimlessly, lonely, crying, screaming, begging, drowning in chaos and biggest of all – REGRETTING. So I made the Bucket List to inspire me and keep me focused on the road ahead. I created this list before this year’s vision board and wow. It inspired me to expand my vision board from locally to globally. As you will see there are missing numbers and that is okay. Dreams change. Goals change. Some of my bucket list may seem simple as if what is the challenge. Well they are a challenge to me. Some are things I had accomplished before the bucket list but making it I thought about all of the things I want to look back upon and not regret that I didn’t experience it.  There are no rules to creating your bucket list. Will I mark everyone off? Maybe or maybe not but I will try and that’s the most you can expect of yourself. Accepting this takes away the daunting part as well.

Do you have a bucket list? What would your bucket list include? Or what is on it now? Go ahead and share it with the world because once you put it out there magical things happen. Dreams come to fruition and goals are reached.


1. See the Grand Canyon and ride mules
2. Photograph wildlife on all seven continents
3. Help others in a another country through mission trip
4. Deep sea fish
5. Visit the Louvre
6. Smithsonian
8. Learn to play an instrument
9. Write a book
10. Hike Pacific Coast Trail
11. Drive the Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible
12. Own a Jeep
13. Visit Niagra Falls
14. Drive an RV across the country from two fartherest points
15. Visit Redwoods
16. Sing karaoke
18. Thelma and Louise road trip
19. Watch the Northern Lights
20. Learn to dance salsa
21. Attend a flash mob
22. Have my art in a gallery showing
23. Sale a piece of my art
24. Visit Ireland, England and Scotland
25. Meet Dave Matthews
26. Sit front row at a DM concert
27. Shower in a waterfall
28. Go on a safari
29. Go whale watching
30. Ride an elephant
31. See 7 Wonders of the World
32. Yellowstone
33. Stonehenge
34. Mardi Gras
35. St. Patty’s in Ireland
36. Dave Matthews in the Gorge
37. Visit New York
38. Send a message in a bottle
39. Learn to shoot a gun
40. Read the Bible in full
41. Throw a suprise party for someone
42. Release Chinese lanterns
43. Go to drive in movie
44. Open chakras
45. Learn to sew
46. Learn to speak Spanish
47. Sleep in the desert under the stars
48. Visit all 50 states
49. Fiji
50. Visit Hawaii
51. Run half marathon
52. Get a degree in psychology
53. Bathe an elephant
54. Create a foundation to help others
55. Attend a Buddhist retreat
56. Indoor skydive
57. Parasail
58. Be published
59. Watch a concert at Red Rocks
60. Foam party
61. Deep sea fish
62. Drive a Lamborghini or equivalent
63. Attend a NASCAR race
65. Kayak
66. Join a sports league
67. Start a book club
68. Attend a luau
69. Helicopter Grand Canyon
70. Visit Disneyworld
71. See Pink Floyd in concert
72. See Dave Matthews in Mexico
73. Attend a symphony
74. Have no credit card debt
75. Read 33 books from the 99 classics list
76. Blow glass

I hope in this you find inspiration to start your bucket list. So get cozy do some research and begin your adventure.

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