The Love U Project | Week 2

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As we continue to promote the love of ourselves and others we will connect without creative side. We are all wired to have one it just tends to get overlooked often as less important than the rest of life’s demands. Recognizing ourselves as creative individuals brings us to life and we bloom as humans. As Kaufman writes in Wired to Create, “creativity isn’t just about being innovating or making art – it’s about living creatively.” Taking on a new creative adventure will open up your eyes to new experiences, new ideas and a new zest for life.

Another reason to explore your creative outlets is scientific. Research shows that when we learn a new skill we create new pathways in our brain, neurons start firing. Accessing your creativity will help your be more successful in other fields, change your thinking and open your mind. Here’s a great article explaining the science of it.


So this week you are going to make new connections and discover a new skill through a new creative outlet.


Is it music, writing, cooking, singing, etc.? Think about something you have always wanted to learn and would be fun to learn now. For me I’ve always LOVED music however never learned to play an instrument and can’t sing. 

DAY 2 &3

Send out inquiries to atleast three different professionals or schools that could help teach you this new skill. I’ve listed some suggestions below.


Follow up with inquiries and begin making a decision as to who and when you will be learning this new skill.

DAY 5-7

Schedule your classes for at least 4 classes so you will be committed for the time it takes to get comfortable with a new skill or even the learning process. Being creative takes courage and commitment. Overcome your fears this week and become the woman you want to be!

Personally, I will be learning how to play the guitar. I naturally embrace my creativity but have never embraced the musical side of creativity.



Champion Ballroom

Williamson Music School

Thumbtack – Find Any Type of Lesson

Craftsy – online learning

Rosetta Stone

Watkins School of Art and Design

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  1. Amanda I LOVE that you are doing this. I’ve been on a very, very difficult path the past few years and the words throughout your blog have resonated so deeply with me. I just want to thank you friend. Truly, THANK YOU. <3

    And I'm going to call right now and sign up for a quilting class I've been wanting to take for ages. 🙂

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