The Love U Project | Week 1

1379610_246547272196242_488231321_nA project meant to encourage women to love themselves and love each other.┬áSo let’s get this project started all the way to Week 52!

| Week 1 |

Give another woman, friend, husband a compliment for seven days (all of week 1). It can be a different person each day. It can be anything from “those are cute shoes. they really make the outfit” to “I appreciate your friendship. You are a gift” – just be genuine. You will find that by opening up and being just a bit vulnerable to others you will awaken a smile and joy inside of you. This will spread to other parts of your life.


Come back here and share your experiences with others. You will find that your strength and generosity will radiate out to others and make all of us women feel much better about how we are doing in this thing called life.

Here’s a great article about the benefits of giving compliments.

The Art of the Compliment

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  1. I love this! I try to tell friends how much I appreciate them and love them. I can do it more!

    I gave a friend a string of compliments via text; she told me she saved them for a down day. Women are so quick to tear down and judge one another when we should be building each other up. A friend’s success should be cause for celebration, not jealousy! We all wonder if we are on the correct path, and I do not know a single stay-at-home mom who does not second guess herself each day – did I do enough? Love enough? Praise enough? Feed them the right foods?

    A truthful, heartfelt compliment can do immeasurable things to lift spirits and keep us going on this crazy journey we call life!

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